"The style of Palmer's writing is a little like what might result if Mel Brooks met the Grimm Brothers at a consciousness-raising session."
- Wayne Johnson, The Seattle Times (review of Seattle Children's Theatre musical production)

" a delightful combination of clever dialogue, unexpected plot twists and humor."

- Jan O'Meara, Homer News (review of Homer, Alaska musical production)

Snow White and the Family Dwarf

Commissioned by Seattle Children's Theatre, Seattle, Washington, 1986; titled "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"
Book by Greg Palmer
Music and lyrics by Chad Henry
Premiere production directed by Linda Hartzell
Revised (without music) and retitled "Snow White and the Family Dwarf," 2006
Published by Eldridge Plays & Musicals, as revised and retitled
This version of Snow White twists the traditional tale into the story of a family named Dwarf--four brothers and three sisters, all of normal height, one of whom, the youngest, is developmentally disabled. Snow White stumbles into their midst, to Learn Life Lessons about outer versus inner beauty and the nature of true love.

Greg said of his script, "I wrote Snow White because of my extreme dissatisfaction with the Disney version, which reinforces the idea for young people that what you look like is very important. It is, after all, why the Dwarfs save Snow White, why they don't bury her, why she eventually defeats the Queen--because she is indeed the fairest in the land. And then, after the Dwarfs have taken such care of her, she rides off with the first handsome prince who comes along, even though she has never exchanged a single spoken word with him. My Snow White makes an intelligent decision about who she loves, and why (it's the Grumpy equivalent). There is also the Dopey problem: the Disney character is obviously a developmentally disabled adult who is continually abused physically and verbally by his "loving" brothers. In my play the youngest Dwarf is named Peg. She is a developmentally disabled adult as well, but is treated by her siblings with love and respect."