"Witty, acerbic, honest and brave, his [Palmer's] non-traditionally telegenic balding, overweight, genial presence holds this marvelous journey together, infusing it with intelligence, decency, courage, and, well, life."

Jeff Silverman, Variety
"No, despite the grim subject matter, the pleasant surprise is that 'Death: The Trip of a Lifetime' is fascinating, low-key, even amusing at points. Credit the show's droll writer and host, Greg Palmer, for that. The paunchy Palmer brings an everyman's sense of irony and inquisition to the table. He serves as a consummate storyteller and gives 'Trip of a Lifetime' a comfortable feel."--

- Ray Richmond, Los Angeles-based syndicated entertainment writer

"If there had to be a series about death, you couldn't do better than this. Palmer sets a serious yet engaging tone that's sustained throughout the series."

- David S. Glasier, News-Herald, Willoughby Ohio

Death: The Trip Of A Lifetime

First broadcast on PBS in October 1993
Co-production of KCTS Television and Palmer/Fenster, Inc., in association with Stoner Productions
Executive Producer Barry Stoner
Produced, Written and Hosted by Greg Palmer
Produced by Sue McLaughlin
Death: The Trip of a Lifetime looks at how peoples around the world mourn and celebrate their dead, and face grief and loss. The production team traveled to England, Northern Ireland, Mexico, India, Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Palestine and throughout America in search of stories of loss and hope, tragedy and renewal. Episodes include: Chasm; The Good Death; Letting Go; Going for Glory. The series received an achievement award from the National Education Association for "the enhancement of learning through broadcasting."